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EP 39: Surviving Cancer and Finding Purpose for Life and Money, Michelle Patterson

When told she had 90 days to live, her quest to survive revealed what is meant to THRIVE. This week on The Millionaire Choice, Tony talks with Michelle Patterson about what it means to find purpose for your life and money. After surviving cancer with an unorthodox approach, Michelle has dedicated her life to helping people live the most fulfilled lives possible in every dimension.

Michelle Patterson is the leading advocate for modern, holistic health and wellness. When faced with a grim diagnosis, she chose to surround herself with a massive support system, helping her heal across all levels of wellness – our 5 pillars.

Now, during this time of global awakening, Michelle and her WTF (Wellness Team Family) are becoming conduits for others to find balance and abundance in their 5 pillars. Through connecting genius, educational and inspirational podcasts and more.

Founder of the Global Women Foundation Network, globally over a million strong. CEO of the California Women’s Conference, the largest conference for women in North America. Knighted Dame by the Knights of the Orthodox Order, a thousand-year old organization. Invited to speak at the United Nations.

For more information on Michelle Patterson and her efforts to impact people’s lives at

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