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EP 36: Investing & Raising Future Millionaires with Casey Stubbs, Trading Strategy Guide

This week on The Millionaire Choice Show Tony talks with Casey Stubbs, Founder of Trading Strategy Guides, about investing and creating millionaire families. Casey has nine children and Tony has six. Between the two of them, they’re raising 15 future millionaires, and teaching that many kids how to properly manage their money isn’t easy!

Casey is the author of of The Ultimate Harmonic Pattern Strategy. He launched his first trading business which generated over 6 million in revenue in 2009. As the founder of, Casey and his team provide simple to follow Trading Strategies for traders and also develops online indicators and trading systems. Casey is a United States Army Veteran and entrepreneur dedicated to helping people from all walks of life achieve financial freedom.

“Your personality has a lot to do with how you ought to trade. For people who are laid back and don't want to be constantly involved with their trades, they should be longer-term traders. People who are not tech savvy will also have trouble being interactive in their trades, so they would better fit a long-term or swing trader. People who struggle with patience might want to study shorter time frames. Your personality will also likely determine your risk tolerance. Some people are risk takers and some are not. This will greatly affect how much you decide to risk in your trading.” - Casey Stubbs

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