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A Movie Review

I’ve seen quite a few movies in my life. With a wide taste and appreciation for the creative element of films, I can watch almost anything, but I do avoid horror…generally. The exception to the horror would be the Scream I,II,III movies, which I classify as “Comedy/Horror”. Having seen so many films, I really appreciate the effort that goes into creating characters that the audience can relate to and engage with during the film. However, rarely do I find films that really impress me. Spider Man I impressed me. II and III I enjoyed. Matrix I impressed me and it was downhill from there. Lord of the Rings Trilogy were enjoyable, but somewhat predictable. The list continues.

Well, last night, I was invited by some friends to go see a late film. Why would I go out to a 9:55 movie on a work night? At least that’s what I was asking myself while I was at the theatre before the film started. The previews weren’t even very good, but then it happened. The movie started, and immediately I was intrigued. District 9 just kept getting better from there. The filming, the acting, the story, the effects, the ending, and the quality were all great.  I fully expected to be watching a “B” movie when I bought the tickets to District 9, but what I experienced was one of the best Science Fiction story blends that I’ve ever seen. It’s really hard to explain. It has to be experienced. I guess the best way to say it is that it has that Blade Runner feel, although it wasn’t Blade Runner.

District 9 was unpredictable and kept you watching and waiting for the next sequence. Honestly, at no point in the movie could you have anticipated the ending as it occurred.

I’m considering seeing it a second time. That puts District 9 in the category with Iron Man, Spider Man, Bat Man for me, although it doesn’t touch those, it’s very enjoyable in its own special way.

District 9 review at Rotten Tomatoes – my favorite movie reviews site

I heard District 9 only cost $30 million to make, and it is already up to $50 million at the box office after just 1 week. This makes District 9 the 38th highest grossing film of 2009 according to Box Office Mojo. Wow! In fact, comparing it to G.I. Joe, it’s making 50% more sales on a Wednesday night, but factoring in the that G.I. Joe started 7 days earlier, Joe is still holding its ground.

Whether you like SciFi or not, you will like this movie. It has a great story. Go check out District 9!

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