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EP 69: Learning to Trade in the Stock Market, Rosetta Bryson, Founder/Owner Simple Trader Pro

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On this episode of The Millionaire Choice Show, Tony talks with Rosetta Bryson, founder and CEO of Simple Trader Pro. Rosetta was born into a modest family background, but that didn’t stop her from learning what she needed to reach her financial goals and dreams. Now Rosetta teaches others how to invest and profit form the stock market there her Simple Trader Pro platform.

About Rosetta Bryson

A pioneering and highly sought-after financial strategist, money magnet Rosetta Bryson is the founder and CEO of Simple Trader Pro, the largest Black-owned financial technology company in America. She delights in decoding what is often experienced as an inaccessible system in an intimidating society of secrets. A shining beacon of the profit mindset and an inspiring speaker, Bryson is a nurturing mentor. Her knowledgeable and empathetic demeanor instills confidence and a honed mental hope that fosters a culture of success. Her simple tools show neophyte and seasoned investors alike how to navigate landmines with confidence and ease. The Peak Performance AI Trading Group she leads attracts those who want to reap the rewards of an Ivy League education for the price of a nice pair of shoes. As a Black woman standing in stark contrast to the financial landscape, Bryson is a visionary exemplar diversifying the world of trading.

Born in the Blue Hill Mountains of Galax, VA and raised in Kansas City, MO, Bryson received her BS in Political Science from University of the District of Columbia in 1992 and graduated with a Master of Divinity, with a concentration in Biblical Studies and Ethics, from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 1995. While at Emory, Bryson was elected President of the African American Student Caucus and earned the distinction of being the only African American woman in her class to graduate in the Honors program. On the heels of her graduation in May of 1995, the Mayor of Washington, DC appointed her Deputy Director of Religious Affairs for the Nation’s Capital. From 1995-1998, Bryson served as White House Liaison for Religious Affairs for the Clinton Administration in Washington, DC. During that same timeframe, she also worked as Executive Director for the National Day of Prayer and Million Man March. From 1998-2016, she was the CEO of the US Navigational Counseling Centers, and she has served on the Board of Directors from 2016 to the present. She was on the Board of Directors for the Broward Association of Non-Profit Developers, Inc. (BAND) from 2004-2007. Bryson is proud to have founded Black Lives Matter South Florida in 2013, and she remains actively involved with the Black Youth Vote and National Black Women’s Roundtable at the National Coalition on BlackCivic Participation.

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