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Time for a Change…Reworking My Office

About a month ago, I decided to change up my office a bit. This was a result of some other changes I’m making at home and the office. It’s a work in progress.

So why the change to the office? It’s funny how things hit you out of the blue. Recently as I pondered some life change, I realized I’m a web VP, but my office didn’t look the part. If you visited my office you’d find the typical whiteboard, the typical desk, a few chairs, and a wall mounted 42″ Plasma TV for viewing. Oh, I almost forgot the iJoy massage chair. The team really enjoys the chair.

My Memorial weekend Saturday was packed with work and great family time at Nashville’s Parthenon (side note: the Parthenon was featured in the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians). My morning started with an early trip to the office to get started painting. After the mid-day break and family time, I returned to the office. The paint went on well, and the colors are growing on me. The “Accessible Beige and Black Fox” colors are big departure from the “Gold and Roasted Red Pepper” I’ve had for several years.

The other big changes I have slated are creating a whiteboard wall (provided by Idea Paint ) and adding several screen displays (currently planning 4 42″ LCD TVs). Why 4? I want to keep the important stuff top of mind and visibile. These important items include our website, social media, statistics both business and web, leaving the 4th screen for general meetings. I’m considering some other options for the screen displays.

See below for an implementation of “Idea Paint”. Pictures of the new office to come.

Idea Paint

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