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One Long Day

Okay, so you take the good with the bad. Unfortunately not every day can be a bed of roses. Today was one of those days.

Things don’t always go according to plan. You know that. My plans this week. Enjoy a nice weekend off with my kids during their spring break. Travel down to Atlanta and take my boys to the Lego Store. Sounds nice. Didn’t happen.

Step back 2 weeks to a meeting on a Monday night. Lots of excitement. 20 people. One jazzed up CEO…Dave Ramsey, a force of nature. One of the incredible things about Dave is his unmatched energy and passion for reaching people. When those two things line up on a project, lives will be changed and people will be busy…ASAP style.

In week 1, we had 2 meetings to discuss followed by a 3rd meeting the next week to finalize the details. After that, we were off to the races. A concept. A website. An 8 day delivery. Here are the results. (more components to launch Monday)

Fast forward to today.  Our dev team went in at 11:30 am last night and started the launch at 12:00 am today. Along with the site launch, the guys worked in a much needed server upgrade. All went well and the app servers are beautiful. The architecture is beautiful. The firewalls…not so beautiful. The morning started out well and then headed south around 3:00 PM. I knew it would happen, and it did. Dreaded deviation from the plan. It always happens so you have to account for it.

Dave was excited about about the project today as we all are. He went to air today and BAM! There it was, the announcement of Town Hall for Hope on the radio! 24 hours earlier than we planned. Expecting it, I smiled, and the team scurried to get up the graphics on It’s one of the things that makes life on our team fun and so very much better than other dull jobs.

All was going well then the chaos began. Dropped connections to servers. Server availability to visitors. The nightmare began. The team handled it well, but it sure would have been better day without it. Even with the issues, the day ended well with over 1,000 churches signing up to carry Dave’s Town Hall for Hope webcast on April 23rd. Hopefully, tomorrow will be much better.

I commend our team. 30 guys busting it since 11:30 PM Tuesday night till 4:30 PM today. Dedication to our mission, our technology, and reaching people to change their lives. Thanks team!

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