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Knowledge Academies Uses The Millionaire Choice to Impact Communities

Knowledge Acadamies based in Antioch, TN selected The Millionaire Choice to help teach financial principles and planning to their students, families and the local community. Founded in 2011, Knowledge Academies enrolls over 700 students.

The Millionaire Choice team delivered 1,000 books to Knowledge Academies in September, 2018. In October, Art Fuller, President and Founder of Knowledge Academies, began putting The Millionaire Choice into the hands of students and families to help teach them sound financial principles and impact their futures.

Knowledge Academies plans to leverage the principles in The Millionaire Choice as the foundation for teaching their students sound life and financial principles including character, time management, budgeting, debt, earning an income, investing and developing their own millionaire plan to build wealth.

“As a school leader, this book shares a personal story about life and building character in a way that I can immediately share, throughout the community I serve. The financial habits and language are plain spoken, easy for all to apply, develop, and understand. I will use this book as a resource for my students, families, and staff.”


About The Millionaire Choice

The Millionaire Choice: Millionaire or Not. You Can Choose. is a book authored by Tony Bradshaw. Based on Tony's life and transformation from a lower income middle class family into one of being a millionaire, The Millionaire Choice shares the life experience and financial principles that helped Tony break his family's generational financial cycle.

The Millionaire Choice business is a financial education company with the goal of helping people learn how to become millionaires regardless of their life or economic situation. By teaching people to manage their money more effectively and how to build wealth, almost anyone can become a millionaire. Founded on the idea that if we have the right knowledge and make the right choices, becoming a millionaire really is a choice.

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