Episode 8: Real Estate Investing with Brad Shepherd, Sugarhouse Investments

Real estate investing has been part of Brad’s life since his college days. He earned his undergraduate degree in Finance with an eye towards commercial real estate, interning with one of the premier large commercial property portfolio companies in the Northwest. He purchased his first rental property within months of graduating college, and quickly added several more.

Brad’s career includes nearly a decade with a retail and hospitality startup company in Utah, the last four as president of the organization, guiding it through incredible growth. His experience includes management of hotel and vacation property, retail and café operations, as well as the development of retail and hospitality space, and raising capital from both domestic and international investors. After moving to Texas in 2011, he began actively flipping residential properties and building a rental portfolio in Austin and neighboring cities in Central Texas.

Brad and his young family have called Austin home since 2011.

Discover more about Brad Shepherd and Sugarhouse Investments at https://www.sugarhouseinvestments.com

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