Episode 32: The Grass Cutting Millionaire, Bryan Clayton, CEO Green Pal

Bryan became a millionaire through one of the most common professions for teenagers, lawn care. Starting his lawn care business in his teens, he took the entrepreneurial route to becoming a millionaire. Over a 15 years, Bryan built his landscaping it 150 employees and over $10 million in annual revenue before selling it to one of the country’s largest landscaping businesses. While his story is impressive, the most impressive part is that he did it debt free.

Upon selling his business, Bryan turned his attention to the digital world and taking his landscaping experience into a path with Green Pal, where he and his team connect landscaping and lawn care professionals to people who need their services. He’s grown Green Pal to 22 employees and over 200,000 customers.

On this episode of The Millionaire Choice, Tony and Bryan discuss the business and leadership route to wealth. Bryan shares the knowledge of business and personal finance on his journey to becoming a millionaire.

Discover more about Bryan Clayton and Green Pal at https://yourgreenpal.com/

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