Episode 3: Consumer Direct Marketing Success with Beth and Taylor Schomp

Beth Schomp is a 33 year veteran of the consumer direct marketing world. She’s reached some of the highest levels of success and now leads her team on finding their own success in the consumer direct sales world. Beth is a firm believer in servant leadership. Her passion and mission are to serve people to help them get where they need to go in life.

Taylor Schomp

Beth’s daughter, Taylor, recently made the jump to the consumer direct world as she realized the typical job model wasn’t going to provide the life or freedom to travel that she wanted. Taylor has quickly found succe aress and surpassed her salaried income within 12 months of starting her direct marketing life.

Discover more about Beth Schomp at https://lifeonyourownterms.net and Taylor Schomp at https://www.livefreely.us/

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