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EP 47: 6 yr Old Blackberry Salesman to Millionaire Investor, Jerremy Newsome, Real Life Trading

I recently connected with Jerremy Newsome, founder of Real Life Trading and founder/author of Money Grows on Trees. I love this guy. His story is amazing and so is his passion for helping people learn about how to make money in the stock market. I’ve talked with quite a few investing mentors, and Jerremy has some of the best investing strategies of anyone I’ve met.

Jerremy Newsome’s StoryJerremy’s love for business and growth started at the age of seven after watching the movie Forrest Gump with his father and oldest brother. Do you remember the scene, where Forrest said, “Lt Dan invested in some fruit company and now we don’t have to worry about money any more.”

Well, Jerremy grew up dirt poor, and the thought of never having to worry about money seemed very appealing. He asked my father what the fruit company was and asked him to explain investing. Of course, he told Jerremy about Apple Computers, and that little six year old boy begged his to invest. Finally, his dad caved and told him if he earned the investment money, he would match his deposit dollar for dollar.

When I say black berry, I don’t mean the phone. I mean the actual fruit. As a seven year old kid with a vision for making his first investment in apple stock, Jerremy began selling blackberries. He saved $1,500 by picking blackberries and selling them door to door that summer. Which means he and his dad bought $3,000 worth of AAPL shares way back in 1995. Today, the Apple stock he bought at six years old would be worth $14,000,000. Not bad for a first time investor!

Jerremy learned so much from this lesson, and now he shares his knowledge, thought processes, goals, approaches to life and business with everyone from entry level investors just starting out with less than $10,000 up to billionaires.

To connect with Jerremy Newsome and learn more about his investment strategies, visit

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