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grow yourself.
grow your business.
grow your income.

We Unlock Higher Levels of Success
for you and your business

Expert Guidance
One of a Kind Mastermind with Coaching

2 Mentors
Over 50 Years of Combined Experience
from Startup to $100+ Million

higher peak business
mastermind and coaching

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Has your business stalled out? Are you looking for ways to reach the next level? Our HIGHER PEAK Mastermind and Coaching group is unique and one of a kind. We've broken the mold to create a new model that brings a wider range of business experience & knowledge blended with equal attention to personal growth and fulfillment in the things that really matter: life, family & relationships. 

Pete Strayer and I joined together to deliver CMO level marketing expertise with CEO/COO/CTO level business leadership. We each have 25+ years experience in growing companies with some of the top brands in America. With 20+ years of marriage each, we know the difficulties of balancing business and family. Me with 6 kids ages 11 to 22. Pete with 2 kids ages 18 and 20. All awesome. We've learned how to succeed in business and life.

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the limit to your success is you.

break through your limits.

Unleash your potential.

reach new heights.

Leadership. Business. Marketing. Money. Life. Family.
We build people. We build leaders. We build companies.
Get focused on the right things. Get results you want.

9 figure business. 7+ figure income. What's your limit? 

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Higher Peak Mastermind Details
+ HP Business and Life Checkups

Get a look into our the details of our unique mastermind experience complete with 2x 1on1 business coaching sessions per month included as part of your membership.

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Mastermind/coaching Leaders

tony bradshaw

Tony has been working in the business world for over 25 years. His background and education in engineering gives him a unique problem solving ability that has allowed him to function well in the entrepreneurial and small business world as well as mid-sized businesses. 

He has seen success as VP, CIO, and COO throughout the business growth phases from $1 million to $125 million. Tony spent three years serving as board member for the NTC (Nashville Technology Council). While he's contributed to aiding company growth in many ways, he excels in vision, strategy, digital transformation, technology products and business, and personnel development (personal, team, and executive).

Tony is a big proponent of growing companies and profits by growing the quality of the people in an organization. Better and more developed people build better teams. Better teams make better products, services, and systems. A well developed team is a competitive advantage which drives more success, growth, and revenues. 

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Pete strayer

Peter Strayer is a communicator, entrepreneur, strategist and marketing consultant.  With over 25 years of experience, he has worked with iconic global brands as well as dynamic, cutting-edge start-ups.

His leadership experience combines unique acumen in a diversity of industries. Because of this, Pete brings an expansive pallet of strategic perspectives and insights to his coaching and consulting clients; ensuring the conditions for growth, personal development and business success.

He is a former Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Public Relations, Senior Marketing Strategist and Business Administrator with iconic companies such as Gibson Guitar, Fortune 500 titan General Dynamics and global biohacking pioneers OsteoStrong. 

As a highly-sought strategist and consultant, Pete's roster of clients includes leading companies in sectors including: Food & Beverage, Arts & Entertainment, Health and Wellness, Manufacturing, Government Contracting, Non-Profits and Philanthropic enterprises.

Learn more about Pete at Altavana Insights

business Leader

Equipping business owners, executives and entrepreneurs to attain new levels of success and fulfillment at work and home

The Business Leader Mastermind is designed to equip business executives and entrepreneurs ascend to higher levels of success and fulfillment at work and home. If you want to find real and lasting long term success at work and home, it's can be a lot easier to reach by working with a guide, someone who's been where you want to go. 

Tony and Pete's business experience includes working with top brands growing through the entrepreneurial phase into large scale businesses. In the group, personal and professional growth will be core element in addition to addressing business problems and challenges faced by the members of the group.

Finding success at work doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fulfillment at home. Too many executives and business professionals work a lifetime to win at work only to end up failing at home. Tony and Pete each bring over 23 years of marriage and parenting experience to help mastermind member succeed at work and home.

Group Size Limited to 12. The Business Leader Mastermind meets monthly and includes 1 hour each with Tony and Pete in separate sessions. This group is for persons and organizations with $1 million or more in annual revenues.

Contact Tony About the Business Owner/Leader Mastermind

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testimonial - jcrunquist.jpg

"I’d gotten to place in life and business where I felt like I’d topped out. I needed to change the people at my table to continue my growth and reach higher levels of success. I plugged into Tony and Pete’s Influencer Mastermind group. From the start I got valuable direction on both the personal and business side of my “
life. I recommend anyone wanting to grow in life, business, or an influencer to check out Tony and Pete’s influencer mastermind."

JC Runquist

Nashville Dirt Works

testimonial - andre gutierrez.jpg

"I've known Tony for 13 years and seen his leadership, work, and results in a very intense and driven company. Observing him on the board of directors, his ability to shape the company's strategy, solve problems, and impact the company's growth and revenue, I was excited to find out about his mastermind and the unique spin he and Pete are taking with the group. Pete and Tony have created a unique experience by going beyond the typical business mastermind with the addition of hands on coaching and addressing the life aspect we face as business owners."

Andres Gutierrez

The Andres Gutierrez Show



Leadership. REVENUE. INCOME. team Success. EXPANDING business and personal GROWTH for OWNERS, EXECS, and Entrepreneurs without sacrificing a well balanced life.

My business career started 27 years ago, and at every turn, I've found myself in leadership positions solving business problems and driving growth through project execution, developing company culture, growing revenue, developing leaders and teams, formulating vision and strategy, and pushing innovation. I contributed to company growth from 30 employees to 550, revenues from $3 million to $125 million, led a team of 100, hired some of the top company leaders, and drove strategy, vision, culture and expansion. I know the challenges business leaders and owners face.

Businesses grow when you have the right people in leadership with the right skills, the right team in place, a clear vision and strategy, execute well in product, strong marketing/sales, and fulfill your promise to the marketplace consistently. It's not easy.


I guarantee problems exist in your organization that you don't know exist, and more problems are just around the corner that will soon be in your lap. You can bet on it. It's coming. I can also guarantee you that you have hidden opportunities throughout your business that will increase efficiency and execution, produce more profit, and create a better workplace for your leaders and your team. How do you deal with it all? If you're like most business owners and leaders, you stumble through. Why?

As business leaders we often solve problems and leverage based on our experience or our team. It's limited. Wise leadership realizes there are things they don't know and figure out how to draw bring that into their organization to promote healthy growth and development. I help business leaders and teams reach the next level.

Contact Tony About 1on1 Business Strategy and Coaching

Business. money. life.
Finding balance in it all.

From $1 Million to $150 Million Business

jThe Higher Peak Mastermind is a great fit for any business owner or leader, but we focus on businesses in the $5 million to $150 million range. In the masterrmind, we address strategic planning, daily tactics, team building and development, marketing, branding, digital business, and much more. One of the keys to unlimited growth of your business, income, and life fullfillment is an intense focus on personal development. We place a strong emphasis on your personal growth plans for the benefit of your business and most importantly your life, family, and relationships.

Personal Development Precedes Massive Growth.

Solving Problems. Leveraging Opportunities.

At each level of business you'll face new challenges that can disrupt, slowdown, or even crush your business. Every business owner and leader needs two core skills to be ultra successful. The ability to solve problems and leverage the right opportunities. And there's no shortage of problems in business. With over 50 years of business experience in over a dozen business verticals, Pete and I have solved a myriad of business problems, and we've been fortunate to leverage many business opportunities delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue and growth.
Crush Your Problems. Maximize Your Opportunities.

Life. Family. Fulfillment. vs. Success.

Many men and women sacrifice too much chasing success, money, and an ever elusive lifestyle. Balancing it all can be difficult. You work too hard to chase success for 20, 30, 40 years only to see it all crumble away before reaching the finish line. Mentoring and accountability are critical part of keeping it all together and getting true fulfillment out of life.

There's More to Life than Money and Success.

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